Friday 17th December, 2004

Arch Enemy – Dead Eyes See No Future – Anthems of Rebellion Century Media
The Haunted – Nothing Right – rEVOLVEr Century Media
Dawn of Relic – Bowels of Murder – Lovecraftian Dark Season of Mist
Nightrage – Hero – Sweet Vengeance Century Media
Withering Surface – State Of Emergency – Force The Pace Scarlet
Insomnium – The Moment Of Reckoning – Since the Day It All Came Down Candlelight
Omnium Gatherum – The Nolans Fati – Years In Waste Nuclear Blast
In Flames – My Sweet Shadow – Soundtrack To Your Escape Nuclear Blast
Dark Tranquillity – The New Build – Character Century Media
Skyfire – Effusion Of Strength – Spectral Arise
Soilwork – Stabbing The Drama – Stabbing The Drama Nuclear Blast
Enter Chaos – Sell Out – Aura Sense Metal Mind
Orphanage – My Master’s Master – Driven Nuclear Blast
Anata – Shackled To Guilt – Under A Stone With No Inscript Wicked World
Bloodbath – Brave New Hell – Nightmares Made Flesh Century Media
Darkane – Chaos vs. Order – Expanding Senses Nuclear Blast
Kreator – Murder Fantasies – Enemy Of God SPV
Disarmonia Mundi – Swallow the Flames Edited – Fragments of D-Generation Scarlet
Lacuna Coil – Unspoken – Comalies Century Media
God Forbid – Precious Life – Gone Forever Century Media
Finntroll – Eliytres – Nattfödd Spinefarm
Omnium Gatherum – It’s A Long Night – Years In Waste Nuclear Blast
Morgoth – Sold Baptism – Cursed Century Media
Amoral – Atrocity Evolution – Wound Creations Spikefarm
Carcariass – Winds Of Death – Killing Process
In Flames – Embody The Invisible – C.O.L.O.N.Y Nuclear Blast
Sorrow Of Tranquility – I Never Forget You – Empire From Darkness Tower
Necrophagist – Only Ash Remains – Epitaph Relapse
Inversion – Apocalyptic – The Nature Of Depravity
Voivod – Fix My Heart – The Outer Limits MCA
Martyr – Ostrogoth – Hopeless Hopes Sekhmet
Storm Of Sorrows – Feel The Pain – Count The Faceless