Twisted Sisterz Biography

The Twisted Sisterz is a unique Saturday afternoon show based around a bizarre concept. The ladies are ‘Rock Genies’ who live within a bottle where everything is possible and listeners dreams come true. Prizes and requests are the main themes of the show and every week the Genies magic rug takes a prize to one lucky listener. The ladies represent all aspects of TotalRock through their individual broadcasting styles and musical tastes, yet still remain as a formidable force not to be messed with!

Maria the producer and Head Genie has been a flagship DJ at TotalRock since day one and before hand in the RRN days. She is the Production Manager at the station and her skills ensure a slick presentation every week and her knowledge of the European and North American music scenes are second to none. More information on this Spanish rock goddess is available at

Holly grew up in a classic rock household in London and has brought this knowledge into the bottle. She is Maria’s right hand genie in the production side of the show.

May was living a normal South London life before a chance encounter with members of Agnostic Front led her into the life of a hardcore pit queen. Go to any major hardcore event in the UK and you will see her crowd surf by grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

The Twisted Sisterz are a rock and roll fairy tale that will change your life!

The Original Twisted Sisterz The Twisted Sisterz
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