New website

It’s been long overdue for us to build a new website. I’ve finally taken the leap and most of the old content is now online in the new format. I still have a lot of cleanup to do, but we’ve taken the first step in the right direction!

No Live shows for a while

Due to Maria's approaching exams we will not be doing any live shows for about a month. We should be back with loads of new music for you in June!


So we're not live this week, and while we realize the repeat is about to go out shortly on TotalRock we're taking a page from our good friends over on The Mattcave and trying out some new fangled technology! The show from the 22nd is now available on Mixcloud! Head on over and listen at your convenience!

and save our page over there for future shows:

Return of the true voice of rock and metal!

The True Voice of Rock and Metal - Totalrock

So after nearly 14 months of broadcasting as Bloodstock Radio, Totalrock has returned as of January 20th, 2014! What does this mean for us? Not a lot of change here, we carry on as before, but back on the Totalrock moniker, the true voice of rock and metal. Totalrock of course have new ideas and plans in the works, but you’ll have to head over to to check them out. See you on the airwaves!

Maria & Yoda

The True Voice of Rock and Metal - Totalrock

Where’s the Forum?

The time finally came when we felt it was time to retire the forum. It has been sitting unused for a very long time, and apart from adding extra work to my software update cycle wasn’t doing anything for the site except use up space. Mostly all user signups in the last year were spambots in any case. You can still get in touch with us via email or if you’re a Facebook user via the Facebook page

End of one era, start of a new one!

Bloodstock Radio Logo

As some of you already know, as of 1st December, 2012 Totalrock is rebranded as Bloodstock Radio. As we close the door on over 10 years of flying the Totalrock banner, we feel welcome under the Bloodstock banner as a part of the organization which is responsible for our favorite UK festival. We look forward to a bright future under the new management! See you on the airwaves…

Bloodstock Radio Logo

Return to air!

After a long hiatus we’re back on air… unforeseen changes in software and lack of time to set everything up on Maria’s new replacement machine (moving from XP to Win7) meant that our broadcasting software wasn’t working just right. 11-11-2011 marks the return of Sex to 9 with Maria on Totalrock, the show resumes but will be on a bi-weekly basis for the moment due to real life work commitments and studies… so tune in and rock out with us!

Next live show after Easter…

As many already know, we had a critical failure of Maria’s PC 15 minutes before the show was to start this past Friday (Windows XP died a horrible death after months of putting bandaids on severed arteries). We’re attempting to gear up on a new machine in preparation for the 29th as during Easter we’ll be away. In the meantime, I’m guessing Totalrock will repeat the show from a few weeks ago a few more times… The upside is that Maria is finally getting some more CPU horsepower, hopefully meaning that whatever flakeyness her old setup had, should finally be gone.

Also, the interview with Amorphis did not happen due to a phoner unit failure… it really hasn’t been a good week. Expect some delay in responses to emails as I have a lot of work ahead before Maria is up and running 100% again.


Live show schedule until February 25th

Our next live show will be on Friday February 4th and Friday 25th after that.
We do apologise for this hiccup in our live schedule, but I’m sitting my uni exams. We hope you undersatnd.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

The listeners top 20 albums of the year show was a lot of fun and a fantastic list once more.

Congratulations to Dark Tranquillity, their album ‘We Are The Void’ was chosen by the listeners of the show as the best in 2010.

Thank you very much everyone for another splendid year and for all your support. You are the best ever!!!

May 2011 be a very happy one for you all!!!

We’ll keep collecting stars for you…