Best of 2000

1- In Flames “Clayman”

3- Spiritual Beggars “Ad Astra”
Spiritual Beggars - Ad Astra
5- Dark Tranquillity “Haven”

7- The Haunted “Made Me Do It”

9- Nothingface “Violence”

11- Gardenian “Sindustries”

13- Apocalyptica “Cult”

15- Hypocrisy “Into the Abyss”

17- Orange Goblin “The Big Black”

19- Orphanage “Inside”
2- Monster Magnet “God Says No”

4- Stuck Mojo “Declaration of a Headhunter”

6- Soilwork “The Chainheart Machine”

8- Disturbed “The Sickness”

10- Entombed “Uprising”

12- Rotting Christ “Khronos”

14- Koma “El Catador de Vinagre”

16- Vast ” Music for People”

18- Papa Roach “Infest”

20- Spineshank “The Height of Callousness”

María’s Five star picks:

Kreator “1985-1992 Past Life Trauma”

Opeth “My arms, Your Hearse”(Reissue)

Best Unsigned Band:

Explosive Rage Disorder