Best of 2001

1- Arch Enemy”Wages of Sin”

3- Lacuna Coil”Unleashed Memories”

5- Opeth”Blackwater Park”

7- Withering Surface”Walking on Phantom Ice”

9- Moonspell”Darkness and Hope”

11- Breed77″Breed77″

13- Emperor”Prometheus, the Discipline of Fire and Demise”

15- Parasma”Parasma”

17- Entombed”Morning Star”

19- Madrigal”I Die, You Soar”
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2- Soilwork”A Predator’s Portrait”

4- Witchery”Symphony for the Devil”

6- Amorphis”Am Universum”

8- Children of Bodom”Follow the Reaper”

10- Kreator”Violent Revolution”

12- Dimmu Borgir”Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia”

14- Dragonlord”Rapture”

16- Borknagar”Empiricism”

18- Idi Bihotz”Negarraren Amorrua”

20- Ill Niño”Revolution/Revolucion”

María’s Five star picks:

Live Album of the Year:

In Flames”Tokyo Showdown”

Compilation Album of the Year:

Hypocrisy “10 Years of Chaos and Confusion”

Demo of the Year: