Best of 2003

1- Soilwork
“Figure Number Five”

3- Detonation
“An Epic Defiance”

5- The Haunted
“One Kill Wonder”

7- Mors Principium Est

9- Dimension Zero
“This Is Hell”

11- Extol

13- Source
“Left Alone”

15- Nevermore
“Enemies of Reality”

17- Passenger

19- Parasma
“Ekaitzik Gabeko Bakerik?”
2- Edge of Sanity
“Crimson II”

4- Arch Enemy
“Anthems of Rebellion”

6- Opeth

8- Children of Bodom
“Hate Crew Deathroll “

10- Dimmu Borgir
“Death Cult Armageddon”

12- The Crown
“Possessed 13”

14- Dawn of Relic
“Lovecraftian Dark”

16- The Defaced
“Karma In Black”

18- Moonspell
“The Antidote”

20- Callenish Circle
“My Passion//Your Pain”

MarĂ­a’s Five star picks:
New Comers:

Storm of Sorrows
“Count the Faceless”
Storm of Sorrows