Big Thanks

The third anniversary show was amazing! We had lots of fun and were overwhelmed with all your lovely messages.
Very special thanks to Michael Amott and Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy for their very warm messages and for being always so loving, God I love that band!
To Century Media for ALL their support and effort during these years. You keep true metal alive guys!
To Ivo, Guido and Carel at Primerelay for looking after my baby with all the care in the world. You guys are the best!
To Ryche, Jason, Pepe, Stephan and Stephanie for their invaluable knowledge and friendship, for being so close despite the distance. You’re truly special!
To Mighty Matt Mason and the rest of my Totalrock family for all your encouragement and understanding plus the shared passion and faith in what we do. Don’t ever change!
Last but not least to you out there, all the listeners…the show belongs to you as much as me!

The most special thanks always to my beloved Micah (Yoda), my beacon of light.