New Content System online!

Welcome to the new, somewhat improved version of the Sex to 9 website, I’ve finally found time to migrate content, and get things switched over, so here we are in a new era of! Please be patient as I tweak some stuff and migrate/integrate any remaining things. loads of new features to come!

The interview player is now embedded (check the media section) and you also now have the option of downloading the mp3 rather than listening on the site.

The gallery is also now embedded, this is to try and bring a bit more consistancy between all parts of the site.

There’s a new reviews/favorites system, hopefully we can make better use of it now. Some stuff from the old site is not migrated into here yet, so far it’s only Maria’s past favorites…

All the playlists that were on the old site have now been split up annually rather than one massively long list. If you’re looking for a specific  band or album, the search should now help you find it ALOT faster!

For the moment the links page is gone, I need to revise all the links as some are dead, and others have changed.