The end of an era

To continue the tradition of bad and depressing news, this week we found out that Marco Aro has decided to leave The Haunted.
I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am to see Marco go, he’s not only an exceptional vocalist but a really nice human being. I thank him for his generosity, for all the times that he made time for my interviews (always with a smile), for being outspoken, for making me laugh until I cried….the list is endless.
I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live with the band several times and enjoyed each one to the max and who can forget that amazing session that The Haunted recorded for TotalRock in front of 3 people? Me being one of them! I feel blessed

In these recent times of changes, of goodbyes, of so many memories invading my mind and my heart, I feel this is truly the end of an era and I can imagine how the rest of the guys in the band must feel, my love goes to them too, I know they’ll continue to kick ass!

To Marco: my deepest respect and all the happiness in the world. You rock!