Album of the year 2008 on the show

One more year it’s been a lot of fun doing the Top 20 albums of the year show

Many congratulations to Within Y for winning Album of 2008 on Sex to 9 with The Cult

Merry Christmas everyone!

No show on Friday 28th

We’re sorry we won’t be able to do the show on Friday 28th as we’re traveling to Bilbao for the Opeth / Cynic gig.

We’ll be back live on Friday December 5th

Back from holidays

Just in case somebody hasn’t noticed, we’re back from our holiday in Canada and doing the show as usual.
Don’t forget to check the playlist to see what we’ve been spinning on the show lately.

See you on the airwaves!

No show on Friday 13th

Due to the Download Festival broadcasts on Totalrock, there will be no live Sex to 9 on June 13th. Join us on the 20th for our last show before we’re off for holidays…

No show today

We apologize for the lack of show today, we tried 🙁

Unfortunately our Internet connection has gone mental and can’t cope with the upstream.

Degradead on the show

On Friday March 21st we’ll be talking to Degradead‘s vocalist Mikael Sehlin about their splendid debut "Till Death Do Us Apart", recording at IF studios with In Flames and future plans.

Interviews on the show

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be interviewing the mighty Testament and new melodic death hopefuls Degradead.

If you guys have any questions for either of them, post them on the forum or email them directly to me 🙂

Interview with Daniel Svensson of In Flames

On today’s programme we’ll be talking to Daniel Svensson of In Flames about the new album, recording it in their own studios for the first time, their future touring plans, working on production and much more.

Best of 2007

1- Fear My Thoughts
Century Media

3- Arch Enemy
“Rise Of The Tyrant”
Century Media

5- Fall Of Serenity
“The Crossfire”

7- Detonation
“Emission Phase”

9- The Duskfall
“The Dying Wonders Of The World”

11- Miseration
“Your Demons, Their Angels”

13- Nightrage
“A New Disease Is Born”

15- Novembre
“The Blue”

17- Soilwork
“Sworn To A Great Divide”
Nuclear Blast

19- Amoral
“Reptile Ride”

2- Amorphis
“Silent Waters”
Nuclear Blast

4- The Absence
“Riders Of The Plague”
Metal Blade

6- Dark Tranquillity
Century Media

8- Deadlock

10- Slowmotion Apocalypse

12- Dimension Zero
“He Who Shall Not Bleed”
Toys Factory

14- Dimmu Borgir
“In Sorti Diaboli”
Nuclear Blast

16- Dew Scented
Nuclear Blast

18- Novembers Doom
“The Novella Reservoir”
The End

20- Neaera
Metal Blade

Live Album Of The Year:
“The Roundhouse Tapes”

Newcomers of the Year:
“My Dividing Line”