Album of 2007 on Sex to 9

Congratulations to Fear My Thoughts!

Their album "Vulcanus" is the Album of the Year on Sex to 9


Apologies to all for the abrupt ending of the show today. My computer lost the network 🙁
Hope you enjoyed the show anyway.
More and better next Friday

Keep working on those lists!!!

Special Sex to 9 on Friday Nov 30th

Next Friday, November 30th, we’ll be having our Sex to 9 celebration of TotalRock’s 10th Anniversary.

Don’t miss this chance to hear many Sex to 9 classics as well as many good friends that have been part of the past decade on the show.

Tune in and join in the fun!

Sex to 9 on LastFM

Yoda reporting in here, as of mid October I finally got around to setting up a LastFM profile for Maria that is hooked into our playout system. While it seems to work fine it still needs some minor tweaking as the ads seem to show up as tracks that were just played (causing artificial inflation of those tracks, which I’ve manually been removing from the recently played…) since it’s a long weekend here in Spain, I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to look at it. For the curious out there, you can check the profile out here:

Be aware the profile also includes all tracks from the show, show prep and even Diva Satanica.

Also there’s a user group created by a listener called the sexto9ers, be sure to join in, and share your discoveries with other Sexto9ers and your appreciation for Sex to 9.

Back from Bloodstock

We had a great time at Bloodstock and it was great to see many friends once again. Yods took some fantastic pictures and you’ll be able to see them soon.
We want to thank the BOA organisation for facilitating all we needed and for being such nice people.

Heres’s to BOA 2008!

Bloodstock here we come

Just under a week for BOA!
Remember that we won’t be doing the show on Friday 17th as we’ll be in England.

Any Sextoniners going to Bloodstock, please come and say hello if you see us, we’d love to meet you 🙂

Interview with Samael

We’ll be chatting with Samael‘s frontman Vorph on Friday June 1, about the new album ‘Solar Soul’, being a metal band in Switzerland, ups and downs during their career, and various other things.

Totalrock Internet is down…

Looks like Totalrock’s net connection is down, we will broadcast the show via the Primerelay hosted stream as usual, check back here for the link at 6pm UK time… Hopefully by then the Totalrock connection will be back up!

update: it’s now sorted, and Totalrock is back online!

Upcoming Interviews

We’re happy to announce we have the following guests in the forthcoming weeks:

On Friday May 4 we’ll be talking to Danish thrashers Hatesphere who are releasing their new album Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes through SPV on April 30.

On Friday May 11, for the first time on Sex to 9, we get to talk to Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes. The Brits are releasing their new album In Requiem on May 21 via Century Media.

Finally, on Friday May 18 Sonic Syndicate‘s bassplayer, Karin Axelsson will be talking to us about being a young band in the scene, getting signed by Nuclear Blast Records and of course the new album Only Inhuman.

Diva Satanica on Spanish radio station

We are proud to announce that our Spanish radio show Diva Satanica has joined TNT Radio Rock ranks, a 24 hour Rock and Metal radio station in Spain.

The show will be broadcast Tuesdays 18.00-20.00 CET and repeated Wednesdays 10.00-12.00.

For more info and to listen to the station: