Best of 2002

1- In Flames “Reroute To Remain”

2- Dark Tranquillity “Damage Done”

3- Arch Enemy “Wages of Sin” (2CD)

4- Lacuna Coil “Comalies”

5- Soilwork “Natural Born Chaos”

6- Opeth “Deliverance”

7- The Crown “Crowned in Terror”

8- Hypocrisy “Catch 22”

9- Dimension Zero “Silent Night Fever”

10- NonExist “Deus Deceptor”

11- Insomnium “In The Halls Of Awaiting”

12- Tiamat “Judas Christ”

13- Kalmah “They Will Return”

14- Eternal Oath “Righteous”

15- Beyond The Embrace “Against The Elements”

16- Bloodbath “Resurrection Through Carnage”

17- Sirenia “At Sixes and Sevens”

18- Callenish Circle “Flesh Power Dominion”

19- Darkane “Expanding Senses”

20- Bloodrose “Into Oblivion”

María’s Five star picks:

New Comers:

Enter Chaos “Dreamworker” (Metal Mind Productions)
Official Enter Chaos Website

Demo of the Year:

WithinY “Feeble & Weak”
Official WithinY Website