Listeners Top 20 albums of 2002

Here’s the list again, your favourite albums of 2002:

1- In Flames "Reroute to Remain" Nuclear Blast
2- Lacuna Coil "Comalies" Century Media
3- Arch Enemy "Wages Of Sin" Century Media
4- Dark Tranquillity "Damage Done" Century Media
5- Soilwork "Natural Born Chaos" Nuclear Blast
6- Opeth "Deliverance" Music For Nations
7- Nightwish "Century Child" Spinefarm
8- Nile "In Their Darkened Shrines" Relapse
9- The Crown "Crowned In Terror" Metal Blade
10- Hypocrisy "Catch 22" Nuclear Blast
11- Sirenia "At Sixes Snd Sevens" Napalm
12- Arcturus "The Sham Mirrors" Ad Astra
13- Sentenced "The Cold White Light" Century Media
14- NonExist "Deus Deceptor" New Hawen
15- Theory In Practice "Colonizing The Sun" Listenable
16- Insomnium "In The Halls Of Awaiting" Candlelight
17- Immortal
"Sons Of Northern Darkness" Nuclear Blast
18- Kalmah "They Will Return" Spinefarm
19- Eternal Oath "Righteous" GAR
20- Dimension Zero "Silent Night Fever" Regain

The "Top Albums" button now takes you to my Top 20 Albums of 2002. Many congratulations to all the bands, most especially In Flames. Here’s to another year of great music!