Your Top 20 albums of 2010

To help you compile those lists with your top 20 albums of 2010 here’s the link that Fred sent us

You can also check our most recent playlists, which featured many of this year’s releases

The deadline to send your lists is December 27th
Email them to and don’t forget to include your name and address to enter the darw for some goodies

Next show (Friday December 24th) I will reveal my Top 20 albums of 2010


Diabulus In Musica – Secrets Launch

As many of the regular listeners already know, we attended the “Secrets” album launch gig for local band Diabulus In Musica who are signed to Metal Blade. We are proud to champion such a talented young band, and it’s great to see them off to a great start. It’s been a while since I’ve done any gig photography, you can check out a selection of pics from the gig here:

DiM Secrets Launch 2010

It was truly fantastic. It’s a real shame they can’t have all the album guests on the road with them when they tour as it was really a special gig!

More info about the band: or


Celebrating 11 years on air

Today is a special day as Maria celebrates 11 years on air! So be sure to tune in for some great tunes as usual, and some other special bits and bobs from over the years!

Here’s to 11 more (at least!)


No live show on Good Friday

Due to us being away for a couple days the show on Good Friday is not live… tune in next Friday for your regular scheduled dose.


New Content System online!

Welcome to the new, somewhat improved version of the Sex to 9 website, I’ve finally found time to migrate content, and get things switched over, so here we are in a new era of! Please be patient as I tweak some stuff and migrate/integrate any remaining things. loads of new features to come!

The interview player is now embedded (check the media section) and you also now have the option of downloading the mp3 rather than listening on the site.

The gallery is also now embedded, this is to try and bring a bit more consistancy between all parts of the site.

There’s a new reviews/favorites system, hopefully we can make better use of it now. Some stuff from the old site is not migrated into here yet, so far it’s only Maria’s past favorites…

All the playlists that were on the old site have now been split up annually rather than one massively long list. If you’re looking for a specific  band or album, the search should now help you find it ALOT faster!

For the moment the links page is gone, I need to revise all the links as some are dead, and others have changed.


Best albums of 2009

Yes, it’s that time of the year once again!
Remember to send your list with your top 20 albums of 2009 to before Saturday 19th of December.

On Friday 18th Maria will be revealing her Top 20 albums of his year.

The show on Christmas day, the last Sex to 9 of 2009, will be dedicated exclusively to the music the listeners have chosen as the best of 2009.


New Audio Interviews Online!

Finally on the audio interview player we have added a bunch of interviews from the past year from the likes of:

Jon Howard – Threat Signal (Sep2009)
Henrik Ohlsson – Scar Symmetry (Sep2009)
Joey Tempest – Europe (Aug2009)
Nergal – Behemoth (Jul2009)
JeanFrancois Dagenais – Kataklysm (Jun2009)
Mark Osegueda – Death Angel (Jun2009)
Arien Van Weesenbeek – Epica (Apr2009)
Mark Hunter – Chimaira (Mar2009)
Doc Coyle – God Forbid (Mar2009)
Paul Masvidal – Cynic (Nov2008)



More interviews

On Friday 25th of September we’ll be airing the interview with

Threat Signal’s vocalist (also in Arkaea) Jon Howard and featuring

tracks from the Canadians’ new album ‘Vigilance’.


Interview with Scar Symmetry

On Friday 11th of September we’ll be talking to Scar Symmetry’s drummer Henrik Ohlsson about the Swedes’ forthcoming album "Dark Matter Dimensions"


Interviews on the show

These are our scheduled interviews on the show:

Friday 10 July: Kataklysm’s guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais

Friday 17 July: Death Angel’s vocalist Mark Osegueda

Friday 24 July: Behemoth’s frontman Nergal