New Galleries coming soon…

Well after lots of work (and lots of neglect) I’ve finally managed to get something new (and cool!) sorted for the galleries… and there will be new revamped versions of the current galleries as well. In the meantime, here’s the Live Arch Enemy photos taken at the Mean Fiddler gig… as well as the long awaited In Flames Session photos, Enjoy!!!

Arch Enemy Live

In Flames Session

Big Thanks

The third anniversary show was amazing! We had lots of fun and were overwhelmed with all your lovely messages.
Very special thanks to Michael Amott and Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy for their very warm messages and for being always so loving, God I love that band!
To Century Media for ALL their support and effort during these years. You keep true metal alive guys!
To Ivo, Guido and Carel at Primerelay for looking after my baby with all the care in the world. You guys are the best!
To Ryche, Jason, Pepe, Stephan and Stephanie for their invaluable knowledge and friendship, for being so close despite the distance. You’re truly special!
To Mighty Matt Mason and the rest of my Totalrock family for all your encouragement and understanding plus the shared passion and faith in what we do. Don’t ever change!
Last but not least to you out there, all the listeners…the show belongs to you as much as me!

The most special thanks always to my beloved Micah (Yoda), my beacon of light.

Sex to 9 is 3 years old!

On Friday May the 10th Sex to 9 celebrates its third year on air. The show will feature all the listeners request plus a few surprises that will keep the fun going. There will also be plenty of give aways.
To make sure your song gets played, email your request to Maria.
This show will definitely be a tribute to you, the listeners, who keep it going from strength to strength.
Thank you all for your support during these years and here’s to at least another 3!

Hypocrisy full of truth on Sex to 9

After a couple of years of trying to have an interview with Peter Tagtgren, Maria finally saw her wishes come true and had the chance to sit down with Peter before Hypocrisy’s gig with Immortal in London.
The conversation covered all Hypocrisy matters from the early stages of the band to their future plans as well as Peter’s other project Pain and all the tribulations of his work as a top producer until the date.
The interview will be part of a mega special on the show on Friday May the 3rd between 6 and 9 pm UK time.

Moonspell and Tiamat on Sex to 9

Before the London gig Maria had the chance to talk to devilish bassist Anders Iwers of Tiamat and lord of all things dark and lunar Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell.
Tiamat special will be broadcast on Friday April the 5th, the Moonspell one on Friday April the 12th.
Hope you enjoy both!

[webmaster] Check out the photos in the stars gallery!

Soilwork on the show

Favourite band of artists like Testament, Barney Greenway, Nevermore, In Flames and metal God Mr. Rob Halford who’s called them "the future of Metal". Their forthcoming album has been tipped as the most ground breaking Melodic Death Metal album in years.
On Friday 22nd of March, Maria will be talking to Peter Witchers of Sweden’s Soilwork and playing tracks from the yet unreleased Natural Born Chaos album.We will also be able to hear a contribution from the album’s producer Devin Townsend.

The future of metal has arrived!

More In Flames

Look forward to photos of the competition winners with In Flames, as well as photos of the Exclusive Totalrock session that the guys did when they visited London.

More Changes

Well as you’ve all probably noticed, I did a major overhaul of the buttons, and there’s now a few banners to link back to us available for everyone to use on the links page. More new photos this weekend hopefully!

New Photo Gallery Added

I’ve Finally had a chance to do some updating, and there is now a dedicated gallery for all the photos which we took of In Flames at Wacken Open Air 2001. Some of you may have already seen them on the official In Flames website : Be sure to check them out… There are a few that aren’t on In Flames website!

Best of 2001

1- Arch Enemy”Wages of Sin”

3- Lacuna Coil”Unleashed Memories”

5- Opeth”Blackwater Park”

7- Withering Surface”Walking on Phantom Ice”

9- Moonspell”Darkness and Hope”

11- Breed77″Breed77″

13- Emperor”Prometheus, the Discipline of Fire and Demise”

15- Parasma”Parasma”

17- Entombed”Morning Star”

19- Madrigal”I Die, You Soar”
Official Madrigal Website

2- Soilwork”A Predator’s Portrait”

4- Witchery”Symphony for the Devil”

6- Amorphis”Am Universum”

8- Children of Bodom”Follow the Reaper”

10- Kreator”Violent Revolution”

12- Dimmu Borgir”Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia”

14- Dragonlord”Rapture”

16- Borknagar”Empiricism”

18- Idi Bihotz”Negarraren Amorrua”

20- Ill Niño”Revolution/Revolucion”

María’s Five star picks:

Live Album of the Year:

In Flames”Tokyo Showdown”

Compilation Album of the Year:

Hypocrisy “10 Years of Chaos and Confusion”

Demo of the Year: